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GI Surgery Fellowship Personal Statement Help

fellowship in gastrointestinal surgery application help

Your GI Surgery Fellowship Application

fellowship in surgical gastroenterology applyingApplying for a fellowship in gastrointestinal surgery will be done through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and the NRMP Match. You will upload all of your documentation including your gi hematology/endoscopy/pathology/oncology fellowship personal statement through MyERAS and will then be able to search and select the programs that you wish to apply to. Once you have selected a program they will be able to review the documents that you have assigned and if they like the look of you they will invite you for an interview, here our GI application assistance can help.

To be selected over your competition however you will need to ensure that your application is able to make you really stand out. This requires real writing skill and a lot of time; something that most applicants just do not have. Many will end up submitting personal statements that they are really not happy with.

But your personal statement needs to be really impressive if you want to stand out. Often you will be very similarly qualified to many of the other applicants and the only way to tell you apart will be a well-written statement. So it is vital that you write it well.

help to apply for gi surgery fellowship

Tips for Your Upper GI Surgery Fellowship Personal Statement

gi surgery fellowship application helpWriting that engaging personal statement for fellowship in gastrointestinal surgery is not easy.

That being said however the following guidelines will help you with ensuring that your personal statement will make an impact with the application committee:

  • Always ensure that your opening line is capable or really grabbing the attention of the reader. This is your hook and it must reel in the reader. Use an anecdote or a startling fact, but do not use quotes or try to shock the person into reading.
  • Use language within your writing that everyone will understand. Steer clear of acronyms, slang, and words that people are unlikely to understand.
  • Never use unsubstantiated claims. If you say you have leadership skills give an example and show the effect of your use of those skills.
  • Be concise in what you write and avoid all fluff and filler.
  • Be positive with what you say and avoid all negative speech within your statement.
  • Never use clichés or quotations; they want to hear your own unique voice.
  • Don’t make obvious statements or repeat information from elsewhere in your GI application
  • Avoid any use of humor no matter how good you think it is.
  • Talk about you; this is your personal statement.
  • Make your statement flow like a story so that you draw the reader right through to your conclusion.
  • Proofread everything that you write very carefully; even a minor mistake could see your application overlooked.

Cover everything that the committee is looking to know about you:

  • Why are you interested in pursuing a career in surgical gastroenterology?
  • How have you pursued your interests in GI through to now?
  • What future career do you see for yourself?
  • What skills do you have that make you particularly suited for this field?
  • Why are you applying to this specific fellowship program f.e. GI pathology fellowship?

We Can Help Write Your GI Personal Statement

upper gi surgery fellowship statement of purposeWe offer superior support with writing your personal statement, like a pediatric GI fellowship personal statement, and other application documents for your surgery fellowship. We provide our support through highly skilled consultants that have proven their skills many times through our services. All are qualified in relevant post-graduate degrees to the areas in which they work and they also have many years of experience.

Every piece of work that is produced will be fully tested for plagiarism and also proofread to a high standard to ensure that it is unique and well written. It will also be perfectly formatted to your requirements and always delivered to you within your required deadlines.

For confidential and highly affordable help with your GI surgery fellowship application just get in touch with our highly qualified specialists here today!