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Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship Application Help

pediatric gastroenterology fellowship application help

The Importance of Your Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship Application

pediatric gastroenterology fellowshipIf you want to get accepted into a pediatric GI fellowship the obviously your application will need to show that you are a perfect choice. Your application will be made through ERAS where you will be able to upload all of your documentation including your personal statement. Often it is this personal statement that will be the most important part of your application as it is the only opportunity to explain who you are why you should be accepted to the committee reviewing your application.

But writing a personal statement for your pediatric GI application is not as easy as you may think. Many will write and rewrite their statement and still not be happy with what they will finally submit. Your personal statement needs to be unique and able to grab the attention of the reader in a way that will make you totally memorable.

pediatric gi fellowship personal statement help

Writing a Memorable Pediatric GI Fellowship Personal Statement

pediatric gi fellowshipIf you have looked at any good samples of personal statements in this field you will know that the standard that is expected of you is very high. To get the attention fully of the reader is a task that many will struggle with, after all, we are not all journalists or writers.

That being said the following advice will help you to put together a personal statement for your fellowship application like GI pathology fellowship personal statement that will get you noticed:

  • Your opening line is one that requires the most work. This is your hook and must be able to get the attention of the reader immediately so that they will already want to find out more about you.
  • Use a personal anecdote to build your opening line around and to provide a theme for your writing. If you do not have one then find an interesting and surprising fact to open with; do not, however, use a quotation as they want to hear your own words.
  • Use your theme to provide a storyline and give your statement some flow. It needs to read more like an interesting story about your rather than just another version of your resume.
  • Never make unsubstantiated claims, if you say you have a skill give an example of where you used it and what the outcome was.
  • Avoid the use of clichés, the committee will have already read them many times and they want to hear your words.
  • Do not make any obvious statements within your writing.
  • The language that you use must be appropriate and easy to understand; do not use highly unusual words, slang or acronyms.
  • Keep your writing as concise and to the point as possible. Your word count is limited and you will want to make all of your words count and not lose the interest of the reader.
  • Do not use humor; even if you can tell a joke perfectly some will find it inappropriate.
  • You are writing a personal statement so write about yourself and not others.
  • Only include information that is truthful and relevant to the application you are making.
  • Proofread very carefully to ensure that you do not submit with any errors within your writing.

You should also cover all of the areas that the committee wants to know about you. Generally these will cover:

  • Why are you interested in pediatric gastroenterology?
  • How have you pursued that interest through to now?
  • What is your career aims for the next 5 to 10 years?
  • What skills particularly suit you for a career in this field?
  • Why is it that you are applying to this program and not another?

We Can Help with Your Pediatric Gastroenterology Application for Fellowship

pediatric gi fellowship personal statementWe are a specialized service that has been helping applicants for more than 5 years. We offer our services through staff that holds relevant postgraduate degrees and have many years of experience providing help with applications. They know precisely how your application needs to be made and what the committee will be looking for within your documents. They can help you with everything from your letters of recommendation through to your personal statement.

Along with their superior help we also provide you with:

  • Plagiarism testing to confirm originality
  • Proofreading by a certified professional
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Pediatric Gastroenterology fellowship applications are far from simple; but if you want to gain an edge over your competition just contact our professionals here today!